Professional Development

One on One Coaching Professional Development


Discover ways to improve and enhance your skills as a forensic social worker through one on one coaching sessions and peer supervision with skilled professionals.  Available with a Premium Membership.

Develop your skills for the Court Room


Learn the skills and strategies to enhance your delivery of evidence with confidence in the courtroom.   Individual sessions available online with a  skilled professional in law and social work. See Product List in Shopping Cart.

Collaborative Law and Social Work


 Is your office considering a multi-disciplinary and inter-professional integration of law and social work. What concerns do you have regarding the regulatory bodies for staff.  Discuss your ideas and concerns with the professionals.  Contact us at

Cultural Competency


Discover ways to improve and enhance your skills as a culturally competent forensic social worker in family, criminal and child welfare matters.  See the product list in the shopping cart.

Problem Solving


Forensic social work is rewarding and challenging at the same time given the nature of the work. Let us be there for you  and to answer your questions.  Contact us today at

Ask an Expert


Customers have questions, you have questions and we have the answers.  Ask our professionals. Contact us at