The National Institute of Forensic Social Work (NIFSW) is the first and only private training institute and consulting service in Canada dedicated to professional development in forensic social work practice; the intersectionality of social work and the law. We offer a variety of specialized training programs and services to professionals working in the area of child welfare social work, family law, criminal law, youth criminal law, and corrections.

Forensic Social Work in Canada is an emerging recognized sub-specialty for generalist social work practice.  

Registered social workers who practice social work in the criminal justice system, family courts, correctional services and mental health systems possess a very specialized skill set in forensic social work practice. 

Our mission at the National Institute of Forensic Social Work is to develop forensic social work as a recognized sub-specialty of social work practice at a generalist level in Canada.  We offer professional development, training, mentoring support to individuals and organizations.  

Our suite of quality products, training and consulting services will develop and enhance your skills and understanding of forensic social work. We design and implement professional programs, webinars and workshops that will enhance your specialty in forensic social work practice.  Our quarterly newsletter will keep you abreast of the industry developments and upcoming training opportunities. In the near future we will provide a clearing house of job postings for social workers with skills in the sub-specialty of forensic social work practice. 

Contact us to find out how we can support your personal, professional or organizational growth. Let us put you on a solid track to forensic social work in Canada. 

Disclaimer: We do not provide certification and/or registration as a practicing social worker in Canada. See your local professional practice Association for information. . 

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